TECHPROECT production is based on the utilization of the wide variety of construction and decoration materials: different types of color and black metals, steels, polypropylenes, plastics, composite materials and wood.  Our partners and suppliers are:


Plastics: Kommerling (Germany), Degussa (Germany), ICI (Germany), Axxis (Belgium), Kayserberg (France), Autuglas (Holland), Metzeler (Germany), Veka (Germany), Poligal (Israel)

Glue, glue stripes: 3M (USA), Loctite (Germany), Henkel (Germany), X-films (Germany)

Color: Tikkurila (Finland), Sericol (
Англия), Alpa (Germany), "Сиро Гмбх" (Austria)

Fixing devices: Masterfox (Holland), Fischer (Germany), Sormat (Finland), Ferrometal Hettich (Germany)

Electrics: Osram (Germany), VS (Germany), Philips (Sweden), Electronico.