About us

Techproekt was founded in 1997. This multi-profile company was created as a result of the conversion of defense industry plants and is managed by energetic and highly qualified specialists. Techproekt incorporates the best military technologies, modern business management, state of the art eco-design, and a full multi-profile manufacturing cycle.

The production process comprises the following technological steps:
  • Full spectrum of design and production services - modern consumer advertising
  • Concept development and consulting
  • Technical drawings and plans
  • Engineering of the product
  • Expert assessment delivered by the highly qualified technologists
  • Modeling and completion of the product in line with the Client's requirements
  • Testing in real work conditions of pilot model
Techproekt uses a wide variety of construction and decor materials: various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, films, composite materials, woods. Its work is based on both traditional and modern technological know-how of the processing of all kinds of materials: mechanical cutting, turning, milling, grinding and polishing, moulding, pressing, laser cutting and engraving, electroplating and etching, high quality poligraphy.

Standard wares and spare parts from the best western brands.

Storage services and order delivery to the Client's storehouse.